Given to Colgate Outdoor Education by the Beattie family in 1970, the Beattie Reserve is one of our most treasured areas. All Wilderness Adventure participants spend two nights here, at first getting to know one another, and later reliving times had on recently completed trips, and all throughout the school year Outdoor Education courses visit the land for hiking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, sleeping out in the lean-to, and experiencing the low ropes challenge course.

Located on the top of one the larger ridges in the valley, the land is home to wild turkeys, grouse, fox, coyote, deer, and a beautiful section of forest. A nature trail winds for about one-mile through the woods and around the challenge course, and the remoteness offers opportunities for solitude and relaxation not easily found on campus.

People can hike and camp on the land with permission from Outdoor Education: please call Josh Baker at 315-228-7323, or email at

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