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  • Colgate has had 58 players who have gone on to appear on an active roster in the National Football League (1920-current), or the first American Football League.


Abbruzzino, Frank,
C-LB, Brooklyn Dodgers 1931; Cincinnati Reds-St. Louis Gunners 1933

Anderson, Ockie, TB-QB, Buffalo All-Americans 1920-22
Anderson, Winston, E-DLE, New York Giants 1936
Cabrelli, Larry, E, Philadelphia Eagles 1941-47
Call, Jack, B, Baltimore Colts, 1957-58
Carroll, Bart, T, Rochester Jeffersons 1920
Chesbro, Marcel, T, Cleveland Rams 1938
Crowther, Rae, E, Frankford Yellowjackets 1925-26

Crowther, Saville,
G, Frankford Yellowjackets 1925; Philadelphia Quakers 1926 (AFL)

Davidson, Joe, G-C, Chicago Cardinals 1928; Newark Tornadoes 1930
Duckworth, Joe, E, Washington Redskins 1947
Erenberg, Richard, B, Pittsburgh Steelers 1984-87
Fortmann, Dan, G, Chicago Bears, 1936-43
Gamble, Kenny, RB, Kansas City Chiefs, 1988-91
Gauer, Charles, E, Philadelphia Eagles, 1943-45
Geyer, Bill, HB, Chicago Bears, 1942-44

Gillo, Hank,
FB-TB, Hammond Pros 1920-21; Racine Legion 1922-24; Milwaukee Badgers 1925; Racine Legion 1926

Gillson, Bob,
G, Brooklyn Dodgers 1930-31
Glennie, George, G-E, Racine Legion 1926
Graham, Milt, OT, New England Patriots, 1961-63
Haines, Harry, T-G, Brooklyn Dodgers 1930-31; Staten Island 1931
Hart, Les, HB, Staten Island 1931
Hoague, Joe, B, Philadelphia Eagles 1943

Horning, Clarence,
T, Detroit Heralds 1920-21; Buffalo All-Americans 1921; Toledo Maroons 1922-23

Hubbard, Marv, FB, Oakland Raiders 1967-75; Detroit Lions 1977

Ilg, Raymond,
LB, New England Patriots 1967-68

Irwin, Don,
B, Boston Braves 1936; Washington Redskins 1937-39; Rochester Tigers 1936 (AFL); New York Yanks 1936 (AFL).

Jamison, Al,
T, Houston Oilers 1960-62
Jaworski, Matt, LB, Indianapolis Colts 1991
Kershaw, George, DLE, New York Giants 1949
Kimmel, Jon, LB, Philadelphia Eagles 1985
Kinscherf, Carl, B, New York Giants 1943-44

Laird, Jim,
FB-G, Rochester Jeffersons 1920; Buffalo All-Americans 1920-21; Rochester Jeffersons 1921, Buffalo All-Americans 1922; Providence Steamroller 1925-28; Staten Island 1931

Leonard James,
T, Chicago Bears 1924
Long, Johnny, QB-DB, Chicago Bears 1944-45

MacKinnon, Jacques, TE, San Diego Chargers 1961-69; Oakland Raiders 1970

Mankat, Carl,
T-E, Dayton Triangles 1928-29

Manusky, Greg,
LB, Washington Redskins 1988-90; Minnesota Vikings 1991-93; Kansas City Chiefs 1994-99

Micka, Mike,
B, Washington Redskins 1944-45
Morelli, Francis, T, New York Jets 1962
Muehlheuser, Frank, FB, Boston Yankees 1948; New York Bulldogs 1949

Murphy, Mark, S, Washington Redskins 1977-84

Neacy, Clement,
E-T, Milwaukee Badgers 1924-26; Chicago Bears 1927; Duluth Eskimos 1927; Chicago Cardinals 1928

Parnell, Fred,
T-G, New York Giants 1925-27
Pillsbury, Gordon, C, Rochester Tigers 1936 (AFL)

Robinson, Eugene,
DB, Seattle Seahawks 1985-95; Green Bay Packers 1996-97; Atlanta Falcons 1998-99; Carolina Panthers 2000

Rowe, Robert,
B, Detroit Lions, 1934; Philadelphia Eagles 1935
Stacco, Edward, T, Detroit Lions 1947; Washington Redskins 1948
Stewart Charlie, G, Akron Indians 1923
Strack, Charlie, G, Chicago Cardinals 1928

Stramiello, Mike,
OE-DLE, Brooklyn Dodgers 1930-32; Staten Island 1932; Brooklyn Dodgers 1934

Traynor, Barney,
C, Milwaukee Badgers 1925

Tryon, Ed,
TB-WB, New York Yankees 1926 (AFL); New York Yankees 1927

van Eeghen, Mark, FB, Oakland Raiders 1974-81; New England Patriots 1982-83
Volgeneau, E.P., G, Rochester Jeffersons 1924
Wasicek, Charles, T, Rochester Tigers 1936 (AFL)
Weber, Charlie, G-T, Brooklyn Lions 1926

Welsh, Jim,
G-T, Frankford Yellowjackets 1924-25; Pottsville Maroons 1926

Yablok, Julius,
TB-BB, Brooklyn Dodgers 1930-31; Staten Island 1931


Bovell, Dave, DB, Winnipeg Blue Bombers 1990-91; Toronto Argonauts 1991-92

Burgess, Tom, QB, Ottawa Rough Riders 1986, 1992-93; Saskatchewan Roughriders 1987-89, 94-95; Winnipeg Blue Bombers 1990-91

Bushey, Paul,
RB, Saskatchewan Roughriders 1990-91, Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1991-94, Ottawa Rough Riders 95

Calabria, Steve, QB, Montreal Concordes 1986
Graham, Milt, OT, Ottawa Rough Riders 1956-61
Jaworski, Matt, LB, Sacramento Goldminers 1994
Nichol, Jeff, LB, Hamilton Tiger Cats 1994



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