(Prepared Dec. 3, 1998)

Colgate University's mission is to provide a demanding and expansive educational experience to a select group of diverse, talented, intellectually sophisticated students who are capable of challenging themselves, their peers, and their teachers in a community which brings together living and learning.

Colgate is an inclusive institution with diverse students, faculty, and staff. The Division of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics strives to provide opportunities for all members of the University community to engage in fitness, recreational, and competitive activities. In keeping with the university's commitment to teaching, the Division's coaching faculty and staff provide challenges for young men and women to fulfill their individual physical and intellectual potential in preparation for lives of leadership and productive citizenship.

The mission of the Division of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics is consistent with the University's commitment to the total education of its undergraduates. The Division supports students' development through a variety of creative programs, while sustaining Colgate's rich, competitive athletic tradition. The goals of the Division's programs are to promote a commitment to a high standard regarding health and fitness; to support social and recreational interactions; to offer students the opportunity to develop athletic skills; and to provide intense competitive challenges for the athletically-motivated student population in an equitable manner. These goals are achieved through NCAA Division I athletic participation and a wide range of sports and leisure activities designed to stimulate interpersonal exploration, mutual understanding, discipline, dedication, social responsibility and personal growth.




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