Open Hours:


The climbing wall will be closed from 12/10/04 to 1/17/05 for Winter Break.

Free for Colgate Students/Faculty/Staff and their families

Public User Fees 
(not included with Huntington Gym Pass):

Belay Test: $3
Rentals: harness, shoes, chalk  $2
Day Pass
16+ years old  $3
Under 16         $2
4 month pass
Over 16 with gear rental  $50 
($40 no gear rental)
Under 16 with gear rental  $40 
($30 no gear rental)



It's a new year at the wall...time to climb again and also time to take the belay test again! 

Belay Clinics are offered at times posted at the climbing wall -- they last for one hour.  If you are a first time climber or are unfamiliar with belaying, it is suggested that you take the Belay Clinic or a PE climbing course before taking the Belay Test.  You may take the Belay Test no sooner than 24 hours after taking the Belay Clinic.  

If you are an experienced climber and are familiar with the Angert Family Climbing Wall, then you can look over our belay test form (to see our standards) and take the test right away. 

  click here to see the Belay Test

Students, Faculty / Staff and Families, Alums, and Public Welcome!

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